Depending on who you are, change can be a scary thing.  Maybe you are the type that is not scared, but excited.  Some people simply enjoy it.  In all cases though, no matter how you react, change requires work.  And sometimes, it can take a few tries to figure out how to make the change work.

Take our first live video event as an example.  We did not stream it yet for all the world to see our mistakes, but we did make a valiant attempt to record our last Altium user group.  It did not go quite as planned.  We were relying on Skype to transfer audio and a close up of the speaker into the final video.  But, as tech things do, Skype refused to work that day and so we were left with a grainy image from the back of the room and audio that could not pick up the presenter’s voice well.  Change requires work. 

We will try again at the next meeting and hopefully get the kinks worked out of the system.  Unfortunately for something that only happens every couple months, it can take a long time to adapt and find the solution.  For things that happen on a daily basis, it is much easier to find the new path and travel it well. 

Most people already know about this, but for those who do not, I am making a change of my own right now.  My role is not changing in any way, but I will be relocating to our main Milwaukee facility.  So I am writing this from the comfort of my own home on a work day during work hours…listening to my kids scream like banshees in the back yard.  Why?  Because change requires work and working from home for a while will prove that if I can run SDPCB from here, I can run it from anywhere. 

Big things are coming from this change.  It should not be scary to anyone and this test phase aims to prove that.  Milwaukee is a great company that has always been focused on hiring from within and so we have strategic growth targets that come with this change.  It also gives us more freedom to do things like streaming feeds…once we figure it out, of course.  Stay tuned as more of these changes lead to bigger and better things for us and therefore our customers.  Amazing customer service is the end goal in all these changes.  It will require work, but more importantly, we will make it work!

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