Despite what physics or an old song may say, I am going to declare that logistics make the world go round. Okay, declare may be a bit strong, but go with me here. Whether you realize it or not, logistics make up your day to day. Timing to get up, get ready, and commute time are all critical in determining when and how you arrive at work. Undoubtedly, you have a busy day shuffling papers, people, parts, or something else for at least 8 hours. If you do not have a busy job, let me know where you work! Just kidding…getting home is a logistical nightmare if you are at peak time and have traffic like we do in San Diego…or worse. Yes there is a lot worse than SD. Family life is also a logistical ordeal. Making sure that tidy happens in some form or another and that meals hit a table, or maybe at minimum an easy chair.

Logistics dominate our lives. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. How we work within and deal with the daily schedule that has been given to us by the sun’s rise and fall is what matters. Some seasons of life are more packed than others. Things like marriage, birth, death, or even a cross country move all add compression to the daily schedule. Thank goodness we have times like evening wind down, weekends, vacation, or prayer to help us decompress.

And here is where my salesman hat comes on. I am biased, but I think that San Diego PCB does logistics well. It is the reason that we can turn estimates next day or even on the same day. It is the reason that we can start on jobs the moment that a PO comes in. It is how we track 30-50 different PN at a time and can stay on top of the customers schedules. The team will juggle with each other to make sure that nothing gets behind. It takes some oversight yes, but it is the team that makes it all happen. Here is to the current group and to the future group as we continue to grow!

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