Mike Creeden, CID+, has been in the PCB design industry for more than 40 years. In June 2003, he founded San Diego PCB Inc., a design bureau serving a variety of industries, including industrial, automotive electronics, medical diagnostics, defense, aerospace, and communications markets. The company was acquired by EMS firm Milwaukee Electronics in November of 2016. Currently, Creeden is the vice president of layout services for San Diego PCB Design LLC, which has about 18 designers and supports four CAD platforms. He is also a master instructor at EPTAC, where he teaches CID+ certification classes across the country.

San Diego PCB has designed a variety of HDI circuit boards over the years. So, for this month’s issue of our magazines, we interviewed Creeden to get his insights on the challenges when it comes to HDI and how designers and manufacturers can address those issues.

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