RF and Rigid Flex

Two major trends in the electronics world are an increasing number of products that talk to each other and most products are getting smaller. Not surprisingly, products that use RF technology also are using rigid flex circuitry. From a design standpoint that drives a host of challenges in the stackup. Not only must the bend area be designed in ways that minimize stress on component solder joints, the designer must consider the signal integrity (SI) implications of a design that bends.

San Diego PCB's team of IPC CID or CID+ designers addresses these challenges with a combination of adherence to the most current industry-standard design rules and the expertise developed over decades of design experience. The San Diego PCB design team:

  • Acts as the hands of the RF engineer, translating product requirements into a working layout.
  • Coordinates with the manufacturer to ensure the end design meets both its functionality and manufacturability requirements.
  • Works in a gated, collaborative process to reduce layout time and the number of design spins.