Volume Manufacturing

San Diego PCB Design has been acquired by APCT, the second largest Printed Circuit Board manufacturer in North America. The 7 manufacturing facilities of APCT are set up to build Mid to Full-Ramp Domestic Production. If there is a need to manufacture extremely High-Volume product, APCT will create and manage the entire offshore program.

Technologies that APCT is capable to produce in volume include:

  • Rigid Through-Hole
  • HDI, Blind/Buried/Stacked Vias
  • Flex / Rigid Flex

Now that the acquisition has been made, the advantage of using San Diego PCB Design is that there is a direct link from design to fabrication. All engineering questions are answered prior to the build, which only enhances the ability to produce product in an efficient, cost-efective, and timely manner. To learn more about APCT and their capabilities, click here.