High Density Interconnect

As printed circuit board (PCB) form factors decrease and functionality increases, the end result is a very dense packaging challenge that often must incorporate blind and buried vias, laser microvias, via-in-pad and complex stackups. The potential for electromagnetic interference (EMI) impacting design performance is high.

San Diego PCB’s team of IPC CID+ designers have strong working knowledge of EMI principles and work closely with product engineers to ensure that packaging complexity does not translate to issues in signal or power integrity. This approach to PCB solvability combined with a focus on electrical integrity and end product manufacturability help ensure a workable layout on the first spin. Key elements contributing to efficient HDI layout includes:

  • The team’s ability to match the right tools with the right designers for specific product requirements
  • A commitment to continuous learning that helps ensure the design team is up-to-speed on the latest industry-standard best practices and design rules
  • A collaborative, gated approach that aligns resources with the product development timetable to ensure a working layout is delivered on time and on budget.