Dense High-Speed Digital

As data rates increase, so does the need for transmission speed. This can drive signal integrity (SI) quality issues such as crosstalk, reflection and signal loss. At the same time, many products incorporating dense high-speed digital circuitry have rapid product development cycles which do not allow for the multiple iterations that can be driven by use of an inexperienced design team.

San Diego PCB's team of IPC CID+ designers have significant experience dealing with the common challenges inherent in this technology. The philosophy of combining the right team with the right tools ensures an efficient process that:

  • Develops a routing strategy focused on controlling impedance and crosstalk
  • Utilizes simulation tools to test routing strategy pre-layout
  • Reviews best-in-class materials to ensure the printed circuit board (PCB) stackup is optimized for the signal and power requirements
  • Coordinates closely with the product development engineering team to ensure all requirements are addressed.